Our Team

    An individual is known by the company he keeps, an organization by the TEAM that directs and works in it. Our team is best described by the word 'enterprising'. At GOODIE, our team was carefully formed by handpicking top-notch professionals from leading organizations across industry segments. We are young, forceful and ready to propel our business with competence and absolute ownership.

    GOODIE brand is characterized by the individuals who work here, individuals who are:

    Aggressive and Ambitious, Professional yet Personal
    Demanding: we want the best for our customers and the environment
    Respectful: of local laws, customs and regional sensitivities
    Innovative: We constantly redefine boundaries and think outside the box
    Empowered: we encourage freedom within operations and prefer employees who speak their mind
    Sincere: We consistently raise the bar
    Young: Our average age is 35 years

    GOODIE, with its diverse work requirement provides a highly motivated and professional work environment to all its employees." Ample opportunities are provided to build one's career and move up the organizational ladder either by taking up added responsibilities or by opting for the functions of one's choice.

    Commitment to travel overseas is one thing that anyone seeking a job at GOODIE should look forward to. Employees regularly travel across continents and become a part of a large and ever-expanding learning environment.If you are interested in being associated with GOODIE, please check the job opportunities section on a regular basis and look for the opportunity that suits you best.

    We are passionate about being part of GOODIE’s success story. To us, GOODIE is more than a job; it is our very own enterprise.

    For more information please contact with info@goodieclean.com